Kurt Danneel

Most people know me as a finisher and a down-to-earth person.

I like to think strategical and managerial. But people who really know me, also say I’m strong in down-to-earth execution when there is a need to.
I’m a strong believer in a 80/20-rule. We all should separate the real need from the specials, but we also should use the 20% effort to continuous improve the other 80% effort to support the day-to-day work.
I’m convincend a manager should measure output rather than time. And hence support people to work when convienent to achieve their targets. Hence targets should be key to measure performance.
I’m also keen of having clear and simple review/report methods with none (or few) overhead.
I like to use methods like Lean/DFSS/D-MAIC/… as I’m Lean-Six-sigma certified. Although I always like to keep it very practical!.
Together with my previous experiences, I like to safeguard efficiency with top level quality in collaboration with a superb team.

Specialties: General Management, End-to-end responsibility, Operations, DFSS, D-MAIC, Innovative strategy (validation and development), tool development for improvement, reporting strategies, leading complex technical projects, system overview, project management, 5/6/7S, Lean Thinking, …

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